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Adventure Zone Watersports

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60 Minutes SeaKart (01 to 05 pax)
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AED 555.00
AED 475.00
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Tour Option 2
120 Minutes SeaKart (01 to 05 pax)
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AED 760.00
AED 680.00
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Adventure Zone Watersports Information

  • Encounter the unique thrill of a Sea kart adventure in Dubai, where you will venture on an impressive sea journey. The prior appeal of this activity lies in the creative watercraft utilized for the ride.

  • It caters to individuals of all ages seeking the excitement of voyaging and water sports without boundaries.

  • Seamlessly integrating the skill of a jet ski with the spaciousness and convenience of an inflatable boat, it vows a compelling adventure with unmatchable amenities and flexibility. They are presenting progressive, intelligent engines and advanced safety features.

  • Set yourself up for a heart-pounding oceanic venture in Dubai, where security and thrill are on the same plate on the Sea Kart 335 - a top-tier category C vessel. Experience the ideal combination of water bike adventure and the laid-back solace of an inflatable boat ride.

  • This unique mix allows you to enjoy high-energy water thrills while partaking in a flexible watercraft's extensive size and flexibility. Prepare to cause disturbances and make extraordinary recollections!

  • Prepare to set out on your Sea kart experience without hesitation, as our advanced motors and user-friendly controls guarantee a consistent encounter. Whether you lean toward free investigation or expert direction from our instructors, the choice is yours.

  • Navigate profound waters or skim over level surfaces effectively, partaking in each click of your excursion. Take advantage of the flexibility to pause for a leisurely swim whenever desired.

  • Moreover, those looking for thrills after dusk can be confident that our watercraft has the best well-being highlights and free life vests. Experience a definitive mix of experience and security on your night ride—it's undeniably remembered for the bundle.

  • As well as giving a thrilling water experience, our experience offers you the valuable chance to wonder about a part of Dubai's most famous milestones according to a remarkable viewpoint.

  • Appreciate all-encompassing perspectives on the Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, The Palm, and Ain Dubai, among other incredible sights, as you float effortlessly through the ocean on board our state-of-the-art Sea kart.

 Embark on a stand-out experience as you conquer Dubai's waters with our Seakart sessions at Experience Zone Dubai.

Get ready to mix the energy of fly skiing with the comfort of an inflatable boat ride. This is a refreshing visit overall.

Take control of your Seakart effortlessly, thanks to its advanced and user-friendly features, including durable fiberglass components.

Encounter the thrill of a lifetime with unmatchable safety and equilibrium. Our Seakart ensures stability throughout your ride, stemming any unwanted turns, flips, or jumps.

 Immerse yourself in the spectacle of Dubai's skyline as you glide along the Arabian Gulf coastline, enjoying exceptional waterfront views like never before.

  •  Adventure Zone Dubai’s Sea kart excursion

  •  20-Minute Thrilling Ride Duration

  •  Complimentary Life Jacket

  • Expert Safety Orientation Conducted by Seasoned Crew

The package does not contain expenses for shopping, drinks, dining, and other personal items during your on-site adventure.

Submit your E-tickets or printed copies at the turnstiles, scan them, and enter an indelible adventure at the theme park.

  • Upon arrival, proceed to the water sports center for check-in.

  • Complete any necessary registration or waivers efficiently.

  • Attend a comprehensive safety briefing conducted by our expert crew.

  • Receive essential safety equipment such as life jackets and helmets to ensure your well-being during the Sea Kart ride.

  • Get acquainted with the Sea kart, a distinctive hybrid of a speedboat and a jet ski, renowned for its exhilarating performance on the water.

  • Receive personalized instructions from our professional staff on operating the Sea kart safely and effectively.

  • Set off on your Sea kart journey, immersing yourself in the thrill of riding the waves and experiencing the speed and agility of the Sea kart.

  • Follow designated routes and guidelines provided by our staff to ensure a secure and enjoyable ride.

  • Take necessary breaks to rest and hydrate during your Sea Kart session to ensure you stay energized for the adventure ahead.

  • Seize the opportunity to capture unforgettable moments and snapshots of your Sea Kart experience, preserving memories for a lifetime.

  • Upon completing your Sea Kart ride, return all equipment and safety gear provided by the center, ensuring a smooth conclusion to your adventure.

  • We await confirmation from our team. Please ensure that we carry the voucher provided upon confirmation.

  • Should you not receive any updates within 24 hours, kindly contact our customer support for assistance.

  • Carry your authentic passport or Emirates ID to the counter for verification.

  • This experience is only suitable for some expectant mothers.

  • Prior experience is optional.

  • We do not permit children under six due to safety considerations.

  • The driver must be a minimum of 16 years old.

  • We advise guests to wear comfortable clothing that may get slightly wet during the activity.

  • Choosing waterproof attire or swimwear is recommended because some tours include swimming opportunities.

  • In the event of non-appearance at the specified start time indicated in the tour itinerary, the service provider reserves the right to impose a 100% no-show fee.

  • Dates and times are subject to availability, and bookings should be accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transportation to and from Adventure Zone Watersports is typically not included in the booking. However, you can arrange transportation independently.

Experience Zone Watersports might reschedule the meeting or deal discounts in the event of an awful climate or unpleasant ocean conditions.

All fees are in the booking. However, confirming this with Adventure Zone Watersports before booking is always good.

You can bring your camera or GoPro to capture memories during the Seakart ride.

Yes, life jackets are available to ensure the safety of all participants during Seakart sessions.

Swimwear or waterproof clothing is ideal.

You can book a Seakart session by contacting DubaiFeel directly  or making a booking online at dubaifeel.com 

Pregnant women are not permitted to participate in Seakart rides for safety reasons.

Participants must be at least 16 years old to drive the Seakart. There are no specific height restrictions.

Safety measures include providing life jackets, conducting safety briefings, and ensuring the Seakart has advanced safety features.

No, prior experience is not to participate in Seakart rides. Our professional staff provides instructions before the session.

A typical Seakart session at Adventure Zone Watersports lasts for approximately 20 minutes.

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