Ski Dubai - Indoor Ski Resort in Dubai

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Ski Dubai - Indoor Ski Resort

Dubai is known for its hot climate where temperature can rise to 40C frequently in summer. But, wait what if we say you can enjoy live snow in the center of the city. Shocked? It's true, Ski Dubai- an indoor ski resort Dubai is where you can enjoy all kinds of snow activities any day. Naturally, the record low temperature in Dubai recorded ever is 1.5C, but in Ski Dubai, the temperature is maintained at -4C throughout the year, so that visitors enjoy snow activities at any time.

Why Visit Ski Dubai-Indoor Ski Resort in Dubai

Ski Dubai is among the top 3 indoor ski resorts in the world with an area of 22500 square meters. The park is among the best spots in Dubai for adventure lovers. The indoor ski resort offers an 85 meters high mountain top. Visitors love to climb that mountain and try the thrilling mountain ride at the speed of 46 kilometers per hour.

The next big thing in the park is skiing on the 85-meter-high mountain. If you don't know how to ski, take the classes at Ski school located in the resort. A chair lift is another activity to look for. In a 4500 square meter snow park, one can enjoy making snowman, tobogganing. The indoor ice cave is the right place for creative people.

Penguin encounter is a very interesting activity to do in Ski Dubai-Indoor ski resort in Dubai. These penguins love to interact with humans, so be prepared to spend some quality time with these birds and take some photos. If you are feeling hungry in the park, head to one of the cafes and restaurants inside Ski Dubai.

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