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Louvre Abu Dhabi Information

  • Embark on a journey through the museum, which houses over 600 remarkable paintings and artworks from prehistoric times to the contemporary era.

  • Engage your children in the captivating exhibitions at The Children's Museum, thoughtfully designed to engage and inspire young visitors.

  • Discover an extraordinary display of approximately 120 artifacts in the museum, showcasing treasures from diverse civilizations and continents, such as the Basin of Bonifacius, statues of Bodhidharma and Bodhisattva, and an exhibition of vases and paintings.

  • Participate in the Make and Play activities hosted at the museum, providing an opportunity to explore new aspects of art.

  • Enlist in calligraphy classes offered by expert artists, allowing you to acquire this unique skill in a creative and inspiring environment.

  • Indulge in delectable cuisine at the cafe designed by Jean Nouvel, adding a culinary dimension to your Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi experience.

  • Unwind in the company of fellow art enthusiasts at the stylish Art Lounge, an ideal setting beneath the open sky for a leisurely evening.

  • Savor refreshing beverages and a delightful breakfast at the Aptitude Cafe, enhancing your visit with culinary delights.

The Louvre Museum is a testament to the passionate spirit of the traditional Arab world. With the support of both nations, this cultural institution seamlessly blends Emirati culture and vulnerability with the expertise of France, showcasing a diverse range of civilizations and periods through its chronological and theme-based displays. It stands out with its exceptional collection of masterpieces, including paintings and sculptures by renowned artists.

Housing works from ancient and contemporary periods originating from various countries, the museum is structured into sections that categorize collections based on school, techniques, and materials, preserving the unique characteristics of each series. A distinctive feature of the museum is its expansive silvery dome, often called the "Floating Dome of Light and Shade."

This architectural marvel filters sunlight through its perforations, creating a captivating "rain of light" effect within the museum. Notably, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is accessible by land and sea, consisting of fifty stand-alone buildings, including a single auditorium and upscale restaurants.

Points of Interest at Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi

  • Immerse Yourself in History:
    Unearth the Past at the Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi by engaging with extraordinary exhibitions that serve as windows into the rich history. These showcases highlight the diverse influences and unique ideas that have shaped civilizations and cultures over the centuries. Delve into the various perspectives presented at the Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi, where every exhibit offers a glimpse into the fascinating interconnectedness of our world's heritage.

  • Museum Boutique:
    Souvenirs and Knowledge: Indulge in a unique shopping experience as you explore the Museum Boutique, a haven of treasures. Immerse yourself in an exquisite collection of attractive souvenirs, gifts, and books that serve as mementos and enhance your knowledge about the museum and its rich offerings.

  • Masterpiece Collection:
    Explore a vast collection of over 120 relics from diverse cultures and continents, including the Basin of Bonifacius, statues of Bodhidharma and Bodhisattva, and several exquisite vases and paintings.

  • Art Through the Ages:
    Immerse yourself in more than 600 pieces of breathtaking paintings and art from prehistory to contemporary times, organized in sections based on schools, techniques, and materials. Children's Museum: Delight in the specially designed exhibitions at The Children's Museum, offering a playful and educational experience tailored for young minds. Make and Play Activities: Engage in creative Make and Play activities, discovering new aspects of art and craftsmanship within the museum's inspiring environment.

  • Calligraphy Classes:
    Enroll in calligraphy classes taught by expert artists and acquire the unique skills of this traditional art form.

  • Architectural Elegance:
    Marvel at the architectural brilliance of the Jean-Nouvel-designed cafe, offering a stylish setting to savor zesty delicacies amid the cultural richness.

  • Art Lounge:
    Spend a relaxed evening at the Art Lounge, an elegant outdoor space beneath the open sky, perfect for mingling with like-minded art enthusiasts.

  • Aptitude Cafe:
    Enjoy refreshments and piping hot breakfast at the Aptitude Cafe, providing a delightful culinary experience within the museum's captivating ambiance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking a Louvre Museum tour with DubaiFeel is easy. Visit our website, select the Louvre Museum package, choose your preferred date, and follow the simple booking instructions.

Our Louvre Museum tour includes
  • entrance to the museum,
  • access to all exhibitions,
  • guided tours by knowledgeable professionals, and
  • any additional features specified in the package.

To ensure availability and a seamless experience, we recommend booking your Louvre Museum tour with DubaiFeel in advance. However, on-the-day tickets may be available, subject to availability.

Transportation options vary based on the chosen package. Some packages may include transfers, while others require you to arrange transportation to the Louvre Museum.

Yes, DubaiFeel's Louvre Museum tour includes guided tours led by knowledgeable professionals. Explore the museum's highlights and gain insights into the exhibits and artworks.

The "Floating Dome" is an iconic architectural feature of the Louvre Abu Dhabi. It filters sunlight, creating a mesmerizing "rain of light" effect inside the museum, enhancing the overall aesthetic experience.

The Louvre Museum tour is suitable for all ages. Families, individuals, and groups can explore the museum's diverse collection.

Absolutely! The Louvre Museum Boutique offers a variety of souvenirs, gifts, and books. Explore the selection, featuring items related to architecture, Jean Nouvel, Abu Dhabi, and more.

While there is no strict dress code, we recommend wearing comfortable clothing and footwear. Respectful attire is appreciated to maintain the cultural ambiance of the museum.

Outside food and drinks are not permitted in the Louvre Museum. However, you can enjoy delicious refreshments at the on-site cafes and lounges.

The Children's Museum at Louvre Abu Dhabi offers engaging exhibitions explicitly designed for children. It's an excellent opportunity for young ones to explore art in a fun and interactive way.

Photography for personal use is generally allowed in most areas of the Louvre Museum. However, some exhibits may have restrictions. Please be mindful of any signage indicating photography policies.

The Louvre Museum offers educational programs, workshops, and calligraphy classes. Check the schedule and availability to enhance your visit with a unique learning experience.

The duration of the Louvre Museum tour may vary based on the chosen package. Guided tours typically last a few hours, allowing you to explore the museum's highlights.

Yes, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is accessible by both land and sea. The museum is situated on Saadiyat Island, offering a unique experience for visitors arriving by different modes of transportation.

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