House Boat Dinner Marina in Dubai

House Boat Dinner Marina

Houseboat dinner Marina remains a diverse type of tour which provides you with pleasure. You can enjoy the charming sightseeing views of the city. The tour period might last up to 3-4 hours in which you can enjoy eating in a luxury environment. You can enjoy international and continental dishes on the houseboat dinner marina, and other than this, you will be welcomed with dates, coffee, and vital juices. The Houseboat Marina tour's uniqueness is that they have an open dining area on the upper deck on which you can enjoy delicious dishes with beautiful views of Dubai City. 

Houseboat dinner Marina tour is best for couples and family to get together. You can enjoy the stunning lights at nighttime. Try planning this tour in the winter season because cool weather is the best time to enjoy the tour. The cruising starts at eight to 11 PM; at this time, you can spend your moments with your loved ones and can enjoy dinner with them. You can witness world-class attractions like Burj-Al-Arab and Palm Jumeirah. On your Houseboat dinner marina tour, you can capture memorable moments and can retain them with you forever. You can enjoy Arabian, Indian and Italian dishes on the boat, and you can relax and avoid the hassle for possible hours. Try wearing according to weather condition and in which you feel comfortable. Along with dinner, you can enjoy live performances by artists and background Arabian Music. So schedule your tour with