Kayaking in Dubai

Kayaking in Dubai

Millions of tourists come to Dubai each year. Most of them visit famous buildings, shopping malls, and marks. There is another side of Dubai that is now in the spotlight. This side is thriving water parks and water activities. Among the best to best to do water activities in Dubai include the Kayaking Dubai. Dubai coasts and water parks are ideal locations to enjoy Kayaking. Therefore, whenever you visit Dubai next time, don't forget to spend some time in this type of thrilling water activity.

Why Try Kayaking Dubai?

Kayaking Dubai is among the few water activities where you don’t need any prior training to do it. In fact, kayaking is the best way to explore the beautiful beaches and water parks of Dubai. Sitting in your kayak, you can move across the blue water near the famous Hatta Dam and Palm Jumeirah. The clear sky away from the dusty sky of the city provides you very refreshing feelings.

As Kayaking doesn’t require any prior expertise, you can enjoy it alone or with your friends and family. Therefore, this type of activity is perfect to spend some quality time with your close ones. You can also compete or race with your friends in these Kayaks.

Coming towards the top spots in Dubai where you can enjoy the Kayaking. There are five major areas where you can avail the opportunity of Kayaking. These spots include Hatta Dam, Palm Jumeirah Beach, Eastern Mangroves, Wadi Adventure Water Park, and Dubai Marina Beach.

You can get the kayaks on rent as well. For this purpose, we available every day to serve you. For any information related to Kayaking Dubai, please contact us.