Dolphin Bay in Dubai

Dubai Dolphin Bay - Shallow Water Dolphin Interaction

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Dolphin Bay in Dubai

There are plenty of reasons to plan a trip to the city of Gold, Dubai. Its beautiful beaches, desert safaris, tallest buildings, and vast parks. Millions of tourists come to Dubai to enjoy all these attractions. However, the tour is incomplete without paying a visit to Dolphin Bay Dubai. This kind of tour is surely going to give you a soothing experience and will help you in forgetting the stress of routine life. Let's explore what to expect from the Dolphin Bay visit.

What to Expect from Dolphin Bay Dubai Tour?

Dubai has plenty to offer as for as adventure related activities are expected. One of these activities includes Dolphin Bay Dubai. Here, one can enjoy various programs that feature very human-friendly mammals like Dolphins. These kinds of programs are a good source not only for entertainment purposes but also to explore the various aspect of Dolphin's life. As these Dolphins are friendly, so there is no chance for any harm, even for the children.

There are two kinds of Dolphin experiences at Dolphin Bay Dubai. These experiences include the Dolphin Encounter Shallow Water Interaction and Dolphin Adventure Deep Water Interaction. Depth of the water is less in the Shallow water encounters compared to the deep water interaction. In both of these experiences, you have the opportunity to spend half an hour with the human-friendly Dolphins.  

The Dolphin Bay adventure is perfect for all ages and groups of people. However, children under age 12 should be accompanied by an adult over 18 years old. A maximum of three children is allowed with one adult person. Have any questions? Do contact us, we are here to book your tickets and answer your questions regarding the Dolphin Bay Dubai