Banana Boat Ride in Dubai

Banana Boat Ride in Dubai

We all love water sports. And why not because water plays a central role in our lives. There are dozens of water sports and activities. Some are for the faint hearted while others are for the brave ones. Banana Boat Ride Dubai is must to do activity for those who are seeking an adrenaline rush through water sports. Dubai sea is the perfect place for this kind of adventure. There are plenty of reasons to try the Banana Boat ride whenever you visit Dubai.

Why Try Banana Boat Ride Dubai

Dubai has its charm for those who want to spend happy vacations. Its sky-touching infrastructure, lavish lifestyle and big shopping opportunities attract many. Besides all this, the city has plenty to offer for adventure lovers. Among the things to do includes the Banana boat ride in Dubai.

Banana Boat Ride Dubai is a suitable activity for those who are looking for more than just a usual ride. As the name points, a Banana boat is a banana-shaped boat that is attached to a high speed and well-powered boat. As the boat catches speed, you get what we call a true adventure.

The banana boat ride is perfect for couples and families alike. It can accommodate a small to medium-size group of friends as well. Experience the battering of water and fast winds gushing towards your head in the company of your friends, family, and closed ones as the powered boat takes your banana boat speedily through the seas of Dubai.

Remember as this is a demanding activity, sick and children are not recommended. Children under 10 are not allowed for this kind of activity. For booking the boat or any other questions, please contact us.