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XLine Dubai Marina

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XLine Dubai Marina Information

  • Experience soaring above the stunning Dubai Marina skyline with XLine Dubai Marina! Embark on an adventure as you zip along the world's longest urban zipline.

  • Join DubaiFeel for your XLine Dubai Marina Zipline experience, and prepare to feel like a superhero as you take to the skies.

  • You and your companion can share the ride's excitement with two parallel cables. 

  • Before you embark on this thrilling journey, our team of experts will provide comprehensive safety instructions and assist you in wearing your safety gear and harness; ensuring your safety is our top priority.

  • As you launch into the air, you'll race over Dubai Marina's iconic landmarks in a heart-pounding head-first, belly-down position. 

  • Marvel at the stunning aerial views of Dubai Marina, JBR Beach, and Palm Jumeirah, with glimpses of opulent yachts and upcoming attractions like Ain Dubai.
  • Experience the adrenaline rush as you zip at velocities of up to 80 kilometers per hour.

  • With a 16-degree incline and speeds reaching up to 80 kilometers per hour, this zipline offers an adrenaline-pumping experience. 

  • Stretching 1 kilometer from Amwaj Tower to the terrace at Dubai Marina Mall, our highly qualified and certified team will keep you in safe hands.

  • The entire experience lasts approximately 60 minutes, providing a lifetime of fun and excitement. 

  • Plus, you'll receive images and videos capturing every epic moment of your zipline adventure, ensuring memories to cherish forever.

  • Embark on an unparalleled adventure with XLine Dubai Marina, offering the world's most extended, fastest, and steepest urban zipline experience. Starting from Amwaj Tower in JBR at a staggering height of 170 meters, this approximately one-kilometer-long ride concludes at Dubai Marina Mall.

  • Feel the rush as you soar like Superman in a head-first, belly-down position, taking in the breathtaking views of Dubai's modern skyline. 

  • With speeds reaching an impressive 60 kilometers per hour in just 2.5 seconds, you will explore the unique sights of the city's iconic structures, sparkling waters, and luxurious yachts.

  • You can experience the thrill solo or take a tandem zipline with your friend or spouse. Two parallel zip cables are out side by side. Our certified team ensures expert assistance throughout the experience, making it suitable for individuals between 12 and 65.

  • Rest assured, all safety gear, including helmets, is provided for your peace of mind. 

  • With an advanced camera fastened to your helmet, you'll capture every exhilarating moment of your zipline adventure to cherish forever.

  • Are you looking to elevate your zipline experience further? 

  • Consider combining it with the Jebel Jais Zipline for the ultimate thrill. 

  • For more water fun and educational experiences, explore our exclusive tours, including the Lost Chamber Aquarium, Dubai Mall Aquarium, and Dubai Parasailing Tours. 

  • Dive into the ultimate adventure with Deep Dive Dubai tickets for an unforgettable diving experience.

  • Essential safety gear

  • Capture your thrilling jump with images and video recordings to cherish the memories forever.

  • After booking, you'll receive a tour confirmation via email within 24 hours.

  • Please inspect your inbox for the confirmation email. Please review your junk email section or contact us for assistance if it doesn't appear.

  • Upon arrival at the destination, present either the printed ticket or its mobile version to exchange for your physical tickets.

  • Carry an authentic ID or passport with you during the activity.

  • Participants aged 12 and 65 are welcome to join in the excitement of the activity. However, riders under 18 must have a legal guardian accompany them on the scheduled date of the adventure.

  • The minimum height is 130 cm, weighing 45-100 kg.

  • Wear comfortable clothing and closed shoes. Avoid skirts, dresses, flip-flops, or loose footwear.

  • To maintain safety and cultural sensitivity, please secure your hair and avoid wearing oversized accessories such as earrings, bracelets, or superhero capes. Dress modestly in consideration of the local UAE culture.

  • Small lockers are available for storing handbags, wallets, keys, and mobile phones. Please note that there is limited space.

  • A camera will be on your helmet throughout the experience. You will receive personalized videos and photos via email.

  • Pregnant women are not permitted to participate in this activity.

  • Participants should not be under the effects of drugs, alcohol, or any other substances that damage judgment, including medication.

  • Participants should be free from severe physical or mental disorders that may prevent them from completing the physical and cognitive tasks during the ride.

  • Participants should not have medical conditions requiring immediate medical attention.

  • XLine Dubai will not provide refunds or damages for canceled bookings.

  • Upon receiving your ticket, you must fill out a form at the time of entry to the tour. You will find the link to the form provided with your ticket.

  • Please note that operations may be affected by adverse weather conditions. We will suspend operations during heavy rains and offer guests rescheduling or cancellation options.

Frequently Asked Questions

 DubaiFeel provides ticket services and guidelines to guarantee participants a seamless and pleasant experience.

Participants must carry a valid ID or passport with them.

If the booking is not confirmed, a refund will be processed, subject to availability.

Participants must fill out a form at the time of entry to the tour using the provided link.

During heavy rains, we will suspend operations and offer guests rescheduling or cancellation options.

Serious physical or mental disorders and medical conditions requiring immediate attention may prevent participation.

 Pregnant women and individuals under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any other impairing substances are not permitted.

A camera attached to the helmet will capture the experience, and participants will receive their personalized video and photos via email.

Small lockers are available for storing handbags, wallets, keys, and mobile phones.

It is essential to respect the local UAE culture.

Participants should avoid wearing large accessories like earrings, bracelets, or superhero capes.

Tying up hair ensures safety during the activity.

Participants must meet a minimum height requirement of 130 cm and maintain a weight range between 45 and 100 kg.

On the appointment date, a legal guardian must accompany riders under 18.

 Participants aged between 12 and 65 years can join the adventure.

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